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Les dégustations : mon offre

The Story
of a

This passion for the wines of the Languedoc Roussillon developed little by little, part of my personal history in the areas where I have lived but with the real point of departure my love of wine.

I was brought up in the Bordeaux region or more precisely in the Lalande de Pomerol — the wine preferred by my mother — as well as in the Saumur region of the Loire Valley and the family wine from the vines of my grandfather which are so full of childhood memories – receiving the oak barrels, the ceremony of fining the wine with egg whites, the bottling and the joy of seeing my grandfather concentrating and watching over the corking by hand in the quiet ambiance of the family wine cellar with its oder of corks and wine.

I was liberated, over time, by visiting other territories and other wines. The wines of the Jura where I lived for a time, those of regions I visited and those that my friends introduced me to throughout France and finally those of the Languedoc Roussillon where I have lived since the year 2000.


And it’s in that latter region oriented to wine since Roman times, where fortunes were made in the production of table wine at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, where the importance of wine making has led me to deepen my knowledge and appreciation of wine and the complexities of making it.

This wild and beautiful region contains a vast number of grape varieties and an incredible variety of territories. During these fourteen years I have been totally seduced by the search for the great wines of the area in departing from the traditional routes and following the traces of quality and authenticity losing myself from time to time in the tiny byways of the region in search of those special encounters.

Wine is – obviously – the vines, but also the soil, the exposure to sun, wind, rain, the growing, the harvesting and not just the wine making itself. We can’t forget the weather – the benefits and the penalties it entails — and, of course, the enormous and passionate work of the men and women ... pruning, ploughing, the constant care needed and the skill in determining the right moment to harvest.

Helping you discover these great wines during our tastings has become a real pleasure. Organising the tastings, recounting the stories of the wine makers, describing their work in the vines, in the cellar during all the seasons of the year – all this in continuing to search for and encounter those winemakers passionate about offering wines that are becoming real references. This is MY passion.